Building categories

Bank category


Whether you need a temporary building while an older building is remodeled or a completely new branch bank, GroundFORCE is an excellent solution to reducing the time it takes to construct and open the next branch.

Commercial category


Our engineering, design and project management team has decades of combined experience with all types of commercial applications.

Educational category


GroundFORCE enjoys working relationships with award winning architectural firms to offer classroom solutions to school districts of all sizes, and our buildings meet TEA required educational specifications.

Franchise Locations category


Whether it’s for a large franchise corporation or a single-store operator, GroundFORCE pre-installed equipment lets you know the costs and reduces on-site set-up time.

Medical category


GroundFORCE can pre-install equipment to reduce set-up costs, and its buildings are constructed in a quality-controlled environment, making them the perfect solution for stand-alone medical or veterinary clinics.

Residential category - outside


By combining the GroundFORCE construction method and its engineered solid pre-stress concrete foundation with your ideas, our design and engineering team can develop the home of your dreams. Constructed under rigid standard specifications, each house is built with lasting quality and consumer appeal.



Open for business quickly, as our design and engineering staff works with you to build exactly what you need, with a State Engineered Seal that reduces local permitting delays.