Our Heritage

Kenneth NeatherlinGroundFORCE Building Systems was founded by Kenneth Neatherlin, part of the Neatherlin family of Houston. The family has been moving structures for six generations, including – for the first time ever – a concrete slab building. Indeed, the family made the news when they moved a Sunny’s convenience store with merchandise on its shelves, relocating it to another site without spilling a drop of milk.

Years of handling these difficult jobs made the Neatherlin family experts at creating unique methods of getting the job done. Kenneth, in particular, developed a passion for taking on what seemed to be immovable tasks while developing a talent for building successful enterprises.

From these beginnings came the idea for the world’s first pre-built building constructed on a concrete foundation, then transported and set on the site.

About Us

GroundFORCE Building Systems uses a one-of-a-kind, off-site construction technology that provides an innovative and structurally sound solution to building housing and other structures in remote locations. Built to national and state codes, GroundFORCE buildings have an expected life span of more than 50 years, are environmentally friendly and can be built to LEED standards. They feature a structurally suspended concrete floor designed to be set in shifting soils, virtually eliminating the foundation damage caused with traditional flooring foundation systems.

The buildings are pre-built in a quality-controlled environment to ensure that everything meets rigid inspection standards. They are then delivered using the company’s patented “air-ride” delivery method, traveling only a few inches above the road, allowing for 9-10 foot ceiling heights and easily clearing overpasses. They also are adaptable – offering flex-space, multi-purpose use, and even a change in location as demand changes.

GroundFORCE Building Systems combines all of the advantages of modular and site-built construction without any of the disadvantages.