Why GroundFORCE?

GroundFORCE technology produces unique results:

Concrete Foundation

GroundFORCE foundations are solid tensioned slabs engineered to withstand industrial PSI ratings.


With GroundFORCE buildings can follow your target market, relocating at a fraction of the cost of new construction.


GroundFORCE technology eliminates many of the costs associated with typical delays caused by weather, inspections to permitting and other on-site construction problems that often occur.

Pre-Built Inventory

With GroundFORCE, you can use your custom specifications and our pre-built inventory to take advantage of current market conditions without future construction delays.

State Seal

Each GroundFORCE building comes with a “State Engineered Seal of Approval” that puts you in control of the design and construction process.

Tax Depreciation

Unlike modular and site-built construction, a GroundFORCE building is considered “designed to be moved” and, in most cases, personal property, allowing 7 years depreciation instead of the longer terms typical for real property depreciation.

Time Savings

Each GroundFORCE building averages 60-90 days from blueprint approval to “doors open for business,” compared to 9-12 months or more for typical on-site construction.

Expand or Add-On

GoundFORCE provides an easy way to add value by expanding an existing building without interrupting business.