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Building Systems

Workforce Housing!

deliveryGroundFORCE Building Systems Offers Housing Solution for Oilfield Workers

Oil & gas companies have a lot invested in their workforce, but living conditions in the rural areas where oilfields are located are Spartan at best.

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“Modular has never really caught on here, so when I see what GroundFORCE is doing, I get excited about the possibilities.”

Dr. Jorge Vanegas, Dean
Texas A&M College of Architecture

Testimonial Dr. Jorge Vanegas, Dean

“From the beginning GroundFORCE did everything they said they would.  They guided us through the entire process.”

Dr. Wilma J. Smetter, Superintendent
Santa Maria Independent School District

Testimonial Dr. Wilma J. Smetter, Superintendent

“GroundFORCE fulfilled their delivery of the building within the expected timeline.  It was a great experience dealing with this company and their very responsive project management.”

Albert Urista, Project Manager
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Testimonial Albert Urista, Project Manager

“This was a painless process and the timeline was unbelievable.  Their design build process gave us exactly what we needed.”

Dr. Craig Coleman, Superintendent
Harleton Independent School District

Testimonial Dr. Craig Coleman, Superintendent

“From the beginning, they were professional and dedicated to us and the job at hand.  They were open to our ideas, and we are very pleased with our project and with GroundFORCE.”

Sam Bell, Superintendent
Brenham Independent School District

Testimonial Sam Bell, Superintendent

“It was great to have an option to upgrade our science facilities without all the hassle of traditional construction.  We’re beaming! Real quality in such a short time frame.  And economical!  First class!”

Rory Gesch, Superintendent
Navasota Independent School District

Testimonial Rory Gesch, Superintendent

“We did not want a temporary building.  Without GroundFORCE, we couldn’t have gotten this quality of building at this price and speed.”

Dean Zajicek, Director
Choice Facility Partners | Harris County Department of Education

Testimonial Dean Zajicek, Director